Welcome to Mute Point’s website

About a year ago my brother Drew and I decided we should start recording our weekly Game of Thrones episode discussions. After the finale we kept finding excuses to to produce new shows, expanding our range of topics from Game of Thrones to True Detective, Ballers, gaming, basketball, tech, and comics.

We now launch the Mute Point Online site to provide written content to pair or expand on  our podcast topics. Expect in-depth analysis, insane YouTube links, and uncanny NBA vines.

Mute Point is the hub for our great wheel of content, so follow us on Twitter, Facebook WordPress, YouTube, or you favorite podcast app. Please drop a comment letting us know what we got right, wrong, or dangerously funny. You can drop us an email at MutePointPodcasts@gmail.com if you want to keep it old school.


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