Decoding Mr. Robot 204: Init 1

Hello friend. Three weeks in and we are still sinking in the abyss that is Elliot’s fractured mind, but who cares when we get such sweet reunions with past friends long forgotten! This week our intrepid characters hit rock bottom with Darlene, Angela, and Elliot all scrambling to find a foothold in the new world order fSociety created; even White Rose (s/he’s back baby) and Philip Price are off their game, but that is only because they are working six steps ahead of everyone else on the chess board. The only one on solid ground seems to be Ray, who continues to dish out delicious plates of wisdom and threats liberally as Elliot falls under his sway. Join us as we break it all down before wildly speculating on some of the juiciest fan theories going around the net at the show’s conclusion.

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